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Orchid International School

*One with the World, One of a Kind*

Mission And Vision

skh school


skh school

The mission of OIS is to provide a sound overall exposure to the students so that they have a good academic foundation and are good in different co-curricular as well as extra-curricular activities. It will endeavor to bring about a mind for the future which will be, in the words of Howard Gardner (2006), disciplined; synthesizing; creating; respectful and ethical. The attributes for global citizenry propagated by world bodies like UNO will be borne in mind by the school

skh school
These dimensions are grouped together into the following :

World Citizenship: Empowering students with a local and global perspective. Universal Value Accepting that we are all different while recognizing that we are all the same.

Leadership Qualities: Developing each student’s individuality and enabling discovery of their potential.

Proactive and Positive Thinking: Developing skills and competencies for the future.

Enhancing Individual Strengths: Identifying uniqueness in each child and nurturing


skh school

To make an earnest endeavor to understand each child sensitively so that his or her uniqueness is enabled to unfold. To improve the school ambience on an ongoing basis, in all respects, so that faculty members with unenviable academic, professional, intellectual and other credentials are drawn to the school with increasing intensity.

Engagement of the students with such a team of insightful, committed and enterprising educators will provide the enriching educational contexts and spaces

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