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Educational Philosophy

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If philosophy is love of wisdom, school philosophy is what the school loves to do - with wisdom and care! What does Orchid International School intend to do? What should be the intent of schools? Should a school only aspire to “produce” children who are efficient and effective in academics and other domains of human performance and achievement? Being in the lap of nature, amidst majestic and beautiful mountains, far from the madding crowds, could a school not invite its students to listen to the quietness of the place? Could a school not invite students and teachers to listen to plea of the soil, atmosphere and natural ambience that we need to live gently on the precious surface of the earth.

Should we not educate ourselves so that we do disturb the world too much by our atrocities and consumption? Should a school not make an attempt to “educate” children in all aspects ranging from learning and mastering knowledge and skills to being able to listen to the softest whispers of one’s being! Should we not try to learn how to live so that we do not encroach upon the existence of the other creatures, including human beings like us!? With these essential questions in mind our school intends to explore if staff members and students could be sensitized to exist and live subtly – bringing together all these apparently exclusive dimensions.

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skh school